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College and University

Find Teaching at College/University 

“Should I become a college Professor? 7 things to consider…
by David Recine in Teachers, Career and College

Academic 360
Extensive, comprehensive, and well-organized links to academic and education job sites! Find a position in academia by searching through listings of educational institutions (listed by geography or alphabetically by name), faculty positions by discipline, and/or administrative positions by function. Replaces and improves on an old friend “Job Listings in Academia.”

Art Deadline
Subscription service

Chronicle of Higher Education
Periodical, with both print and internet editions. Job postings and more. Subscription service, includes jobs outside of higher ed.

College Art Association
Job postings, membership required for full descriptions.

H-NET Job Guide
H-NET is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers. Site includes discussion networks, scholarly review resources, teaching resources, academic announcements, and a Job Guide. The Job Guide lists academic positions in history, humanities, social sciences, rhetoric, and composition. The H-Net Job Guide is one of H-Net’s most visible resources. The Job Guide posts academic position announcements in History and the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Rhetoric and Composition, and serves a broad audience of administrators, faculty members, archivists, librarians, and other professionals in the humanities and social sciences. The Job Guide is fully sortable and searchable, and is available via email and the web at no cost to the job seeker.

Higher Ed Jobs
Current job listings

Academic Careers Online
Current job listings

Adjunct Nation is the web site for the bi-monthly Adjunct Advocate magazine. Their JOB-LIST allows you to search for positions by application deadline, location, department, and more. The web site includes news, grants information, professional development resources and more. Requires a username and password to view job descriptions.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
Position postings for advancing inclusive excellence in the higher education workforce.

Employment Advice from Kathy King

Want To Be a Ceramic Faculty Member?

YOU: Strong, open-minded liberal arts type who placed ad in CAA Careers.

ME: Energetic, 30-something, SF seeks venerable, educational institution for long term, committed relationship, mutual fulfillment.

So, you want to be a Ceramics faculty member in a college or university? Most of us are aware of the competitive field of college-level teaching. Applying and interviewing for such positions is a job in itself. Some graduate Ceramic programs try and prepare their fledglings for such things before they grab their MFA and head off into the world; others do not, perhaps employing the “sink or swim” method. A year ago, I embarked on the journey to find a teaching position. (I would like to say that I was motivated solely by my love of teaching my craft and not by financial concerns. Alas, the fact remains that the amount of my student loans could keep a small country running for years. I am also quite attached to the concept of eating and shelter. Read More