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Chapter 7 : Blogs & Social Media

Blogs & Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

What else? Blogs? Social Media – instagram, facebook, twitter? What works for you and why? What do you want to accomplish with your screen time? Many people will create blogs instead of websites. Some find the format easier than a web page, and it is better suited to a daily or weekly record of events. Generally blogs are not static, rather information that builds. Social Media is THE most contemporary method of communication. See essays below.

Blog Sites

Starting a Blog

Essay About Social Media

by Sunshine Cobb

Social media and online culture tends to scare our community. I think there are two parts to this fear, one is that as a community we have a tendency to shy away from technology (we are not early adopters). The second is that participation can be daunting and seem a much larger problem that it actually is. For those of you that this doesn’t apply congrats and welcome to the future! To the others, you have to get over it and join us in the moment and discover the amazing time in which we live!

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A Guide to Using Instagram for Studio Artists

by Ayumi Horie

“Who cares?” This is the question I ask myself all the time. Who cares about the work I do or anybody does? How do we as a craft community share and grow as a field? How do we get others to care about the things we care about? As social media becomes increasingly omnipresent and critical to small businesses, these questions about the relationship between internal passion and external outreach become more pressing and relevant…

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Essay about Instagram & Photography

by Adam Field
(from NCECA Journal, 2014)

Long before learning to use a potter’s wheel and years before experiencing the squish of clay between my fingers, a 35mm camera was my tool of choice and the darkroom was a place I knew well. I was fortunate to have had some exceptional art teachers who gave me an early introduction to photography as a form of artistic expression and documentation. Learning to view my world through the lens and being encouraged to tell stories with an image opened my eyes to a new way of communicating with others.

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