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Chapter 7 : Shooting Images Of Your Work

Quick Notes on Photographing your Work

The Goal: Create a professional image of your work which is evenly lit and closely resembles the color and quality of the piece.

Lighting: Avoid flash bulbs and use diffused light. Light your work from the left, right and above and pay attention to the consistency of temperature and strength of your bulbs.

Space and efficiency: A Pop up table and collapsible lighting and soft boxes are a great way to ensure ease of set up and storage. Store your backdrop paper in a large cardboard tube and avoid dragging your work on the surface while shooting. Prepare a kit which contains your clamps, extension cords, props etc so that they are ready next time you shoot.

Editing: When opening your image for editing use the “open as” option in photoshop. Select camera raw from the drop down. This opens the photo in a mini photo editor where you can do most of your editing with sliders.

Backdrop Variety


No matter how you photograph your work, you are providing a context to view the work within. Here are a few notes on different types of backdrops benefits and drawbacks. Read more...

Tips for Dealing with Shiny Work

Three techniques from two artist.

A Ceramic Artist Photo Practice

by Emily Schroeder Willis

Essential Items:

  • A camera that can shoot at high resolution (You can get by with a point and shoot, but it’s best to get something that can shoot RAW files).
  • A basic tripod
  • Roll of grey paper that is 2’-4’ wide and 4’-6’ long
  • A piece of white foam core for reflecting light onto the work
  • Photoshop Elements (this has all of the basic tools that regular Photoshop has, but comes with a significantly lower price tag)
  • A clamp light that supports a 250 W bulb (usually this will have a ceramic housing in it rather than plastic)
  • 250 W Tungsten Bulb
  • Homemade light box



More information on photographing your work:

Used Photography Gear