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Chapter 4 : Employment

Job postings are included in the following websites.

*Please see the following sections on teaching and alternatives to academia for more information.

Arts Opportunities
Arts Opportunities is a free resource for artists, students and arts administrators seeking to further their careers in the arts. Let us help you open the window to tomorrow’s opportunity today! This service is brought to you by the Southern Arts Federation.

Art Job Collective
A job search engine created by artists and for artists in New York City Region. This resource helps connect skilled makers with people and businesses that need their talent.

Search our available art jobs: full & part-time employment, internships, grants, public art projects, residencies — you can search by region, art discipline, type of organization, and more! ArtJob members have immediate access to valuable opportunities in the arts that are updated daily. It’s easy to register — you can get started immediately. PAYING SERVICE

Artist’s Resource Center
From the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Check out the link for the Artist’s Resource Center. It takes some searching within the site, but it is there and it is a good resource.

CERF+ is committed to keeping the craft field strong by keeping professional craft artists at work. Good business practices contribute to the likelihood of rebounding from setbacks, whether due to minor mishaps or major emergencies. CERF+ produces live conference presentations and articles on insurance and other topics that help artists strengthen their business practices.

A revolving resource for job opportunities in the ceramics field, as well as broader employment in education, museums and the art world as a whole.

Articles on Art Careers