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Chapter 6 : Electrical Information For Electric Kilns

(or, how to speak “electrician”)

This is intended to be a guide for selecting a kiln and to understand the power available at your location. It is not to be taken as an authoritative or definitive document. If you have any concerns or questions about the circuits in your location, please consult a qualified electrician and your local electrical codes before playing with the electricity.

Within this document:

  • General information about electricity
  • General information about kilns and electrical requirements
  • Ordering a kiln for your current location
  • Ensuring a proper electrical fit when you have purchased a used kiln, or have moved your current kiln to a new location
  • Some things to consider/know/have awareness about
  • Proper Electrical Kiln location for electrical considerations

Very helpful link: Great Lakes Clay “How to buy a kiln”

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General Information about Electricity

Here are some simple definitions to better understand electricity. Read More...

General information about kilns and electrical requirements

Voltage requirements for kilns.

Ordering a Kiln for Your Current Location

The three things that you need to know when ordering a kiln are available voltage, available amperage, and whether you have single or three phase capability. Your electrician can answer all of these questions. A service call should cost around $50 dollars (depending on your location). Call and get some price quotes, some electricians will deduct the fee for the service call from any future work that the installation will require.Read More...

Ensuring a Proper Electrical Fit at New Location


Be Aware of these Facts


The Right Location

When choosing a location for your kilns try and stay within a 50 ft wire run from your breaker box. If it is necessary to run the power farther then 50 ft you will need to increase the wire gauge to the breaker box.Read More...

Solar Electric Kilns

“Some occasional ramblings about solar power with regular statistics on energy produced by a system in Canterbury UK.”

This is a blog from the UK about firing electric kilns with solar power: