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Chapter 2 : Artist in Residence > International

Being an Artist in Residence is a fantastic opportunity to develop your work, research new work, become involved with a different community, or a time away from home to focus on your work. There are many exceptional residencies and each one may have different expectations of you as a resident. It is a good idea to research the residency to make sure that it is a good fit for you, and you are for it. These international residencies have an interest or dedication to ceramics. In addition, the Jan / Feb issue of Ceramics Review has Art in Residence information and also Artists Communities Third Edition book is a great resource.

Res Artis
Res Artis is a world wide network of Artist in Residence Programs: “We are an association of over 400 centers and organizations in over 70 countries. Our members are dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people a time and place away from their every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.”

The Center for Craft Creativity and Design
The Center coordinates and supports the International Artist Residency program to give the students and faculty of regional UNC campuses; as well as regional community colleges, an opportunity to work closely with a world-class craft artist from another country on a significant work(s) of art. Each residency is hosted at a different site, depending on the needs and interest of the artist.

Artist Opportunities and Residencies
The purpose of NCECA is to promote and improve the ceramic arts through education, research and creative practice. One of the many ways that NCECA supports its members is by providing opportunities to engage in international programs. NCECA is committed to the idea that global interface will continue to play an important role in our organization’s efforts to sustain and advance a vibrant ceramic art and education community.

Global Residencies


ACOSS – Arts & Culture Studies Laboratory
The program consists of a residency up to one year (12 months) and includes specialized private and shared studios for producing the art works/projects of all art disciplines. Private studios are available for artists 24 hours a day. Three meals per day are available for artists upon mutual agreement.


Ceramics Workshop, School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
The Australian National University (ANU) School of Art and Design (SOA&D) equips students with specialised skills for professional careers in the visual arts, media arts and design industries. They are internationally recognised for studio-based teaching across the disciplines of Ceramics, Design, Furniture, Glass, Gold and Silversmithing, Painting, Photography and Media Arts, Printmedia and Drawing, Sculpture and Textiles.


FAAP Artists Residency
Duration: 2–5 months. Application Deadline: January 31 or July 31. Eligibility requirements: artists working in the area. Residency fees: $91 and a security deposit. Fee includes: studio, laundry, and storeroom, common room with computer and internet, a large multiuse room, and studio cleaning once a week. Stipend: no. Opportunities and responsibilities: workshops, participate in activities, lectures, workshops, and seminars.


Banff Center for the Arts- Canada
The Banff Center for the Arts is Canada’s only learning Center dedicated to the arts, leadership development, and mountain culture. Programs to advance professional arts practice, provide skill development through training, and engage in cultural research and experimentation are made available on a national level.

Est Nord Est
Residency for artists and curators in well equipped studios.

Harbourfront Centre – Toronto Canada
Residencies are designed to assist and promote recent graduates and emerging craftspeople by providing time, facilities, professional development program and resources to create and develop work. Talent and commitment are encouraged in a community that advocates contemporary craft expression.

Medalta International Artists in Residence Program
One of the aims of the Friends of Medalta Society is to provide educational programming at all levels, relative to the production of clay products. Invited guest artists work side by side with participants in an environment that supports all aspects of the creative process. This is an opportunity to share studio space, experience, thoughts and ideas while working independently.

London Clay Art Centre
Duration: 1 year. Application Deadline: ongoing. Eligibility requirements: recent ceramic graduates. Residency fees: $80. Fee includes: private studio, access to facilities. Stipend: no. Opportunities and responsibilities: discounted classes, sales, work 5 hours as a technician, Work in studio a minimum of 10 hours/week, interact with members, teach.


Curaumilla Art Center, Chile
Since its opening it has been dedicated to experiential and knowledge transfer through workshops and residencies involving local and international artisans and artists. Workshops are carried out mainly under the concept of “Art Safaris”, which are performed during summer months in high standard tents and focused on ceramics.


Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute
Residency at Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute is open to artists of all levels of experience and appreciation of the ceramic medium, provided that they are self-directed and mature enough in their work to be immersed in the residency. Artists are welcomed from around the world and will be given invitation letters to apply for grants and funding in their home countries.

The Pottery Workshop
The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen is an international ceramics
center focusing on the development and enrichment of ceramics
in China and abroad. Artist Residency, Education Center, Yi Design
Studio, Mufei Gallery and our Cafe Shop make up The Pottery
Workshop Jingdezhen.

Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute
International Residency program. Duration: 4–12 weeks. Application Deadline: 8 weeks before proposed residency. Residency fees: RMB$2400 (USD$390) per week; RMB$2000 (USD$325) deposit. Fee includes: Studio space, lodging, and meals.


An international ceramic research center for the development of ceramic arts in Skælskør, Denmark. Guldagergård is the studio and research department of the Museum of International Ceramic Art – Denmark. International and Danish artists can apply for a studio residency to develop a specific ceramic project.

Toine Gjaestgivergaard
Artist in Residency, Long Term Ceramic Residency, Limited Term Ceramic Residency are all available at Toine Gjaestgivergaard.


Yorkshire Artspace
York Artspace is one of the largest and most established studio providers in the UK, currently offering affordable workspace to over 100 artists and craftspeople in 4 buildings in Sheffield. We aim to be a centre of excellence for the support of artists and makers by providing good quality affordable studio space, tailored professional development programs and raising the profile of artists and their practices locally, nationally and internationally. We are committed to offering public access to artists and their work.

Wysing Art Center
The maker-in-residence is based in England. The aim of the residency is to offer a unique opportunity for a selected maker to take dedicated time to develop new work, re-assess his/her practice, and see their work in a different context during the residency period; 21 September – 10 November 2013.


Atelje Stundars
Two to six month residency in Finland between February and July.


A.I.R. Vallauris- France
A non-profit artist in residency program in the south of France, situated between Cannes and Nice. The program provides an environment to visiting artists that offers the opportunity to research and create new work and to meet and collaborate with local artists.


Center for Ceramics (Zentrum für Keramik )
The residency is designed for artists working in clay or artists with a background in ceramics who wish to undertake a clay project. The residency provides an opportunity for artists to work in a new context, to experiment and develope new approaches and to explore another culture. The location provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a fascinating city with a thriving local art scene.

For 25 years now, there’s the artist house “Stadttöpferei”, based in the historical city centre of Neumünster, northern Germany. It is run by the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation as a special place for art and artists, focused on ceramic art in all its facets. The institution is evolving constantly and is characterized by numerous ceramic artists who have lived and worked here.


The Skopelos Foundation for the Ceramic Arts
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts offers residencies for two weeks to two months for ceramists, mixed media artists, painters, printmakers and sculptors from March through December.


Artist in Residence Programme at the International Ceramics Studio
The International Ceramics Studio (ICS) is a ceramic art center located eighty kilometers south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The International Ceramics Studio provides ceramic artists and potters with opportunities to experiment and explore new directions in their work. For information about the residency program, see this link.


Creative Farm Iceland
1 to 5 month residencies on a secluded farm with a view of Reykjavik and the Atlantic Ocean. Sponsors and scholarships available.


Global Arts Village
New non-profit residential art center in New Delhi, India, offering artist in residence programs, classes, retreats and frequent special events and workshops. Full, Partial, and Emerging Artist Fellowships are available, as well as a Sculpture Fellowship and a Professional Development Fellowship. Full Artist Fellowships offer a 90-day residency with no program fee, and an exhibition scheduled at the residency conclusion.

Golden Bridge Pottery
Located in Pondicherry, India. Golden Bridge Pottery has housed many visiting artists for workshop and residences.


Gaya Ceramic Art Center
“It is our hope to make our work speak for itself, without the complex struggle to find literary equivalents for creative impulses we manifest as interior design complements that are a complex whole of the visual and tactile. Through study and constant experimentation, we search for the ideal expressions to translate the stimuli around us, large and small, into objects that uncover the shapes, colours and moods from within the world.”


Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv
Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center promotes ceramic art and design in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity for professional artists as well as the general public. Through the on-going activities we wish to create a dialogue between the various aspects of ceramics and extend its scope in the broad spectrum of material culture.


La Meridiana Ceramic Residency in Tuscany
Winter residencies available as well as events all year.

Ballagio Center Italy
2 week to 1 month residency in Italy for individuals or multidisciplinary or multicultural teams. No fee. Room and board, studio; financial aid available for plane fare and $500 stipend.

c.r.e.t.a Rome
The cultural association promotes the ceramic arts, but also the visual, humanistic, musical and culinary arts through events, cultural  ‘happenings’, demonstrations, lectures, seminars, courses and didactic visits, workshops, exhibitions and artist residencies. c.r.e.t.a. Rome was created to serve as a point of encounter for international exchange between artists, collectors, donors  and the public.


The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
The Institute of Ceramic Studies provides a site for creative work to the ceramic artist. You will receive inspiration in a free and creative environment, through exchanges with other artists and accomplished ceramists. We intend not only to promote cultural exchange, but also to contribute to the development of ceramic art, industry, and culture. The Institute will thus help to cultivate budding ceramicists. This is the philosophy of The Park.

Kitamura Plants and Pottery Inc.
Duration: 2.5 Weeks. Application Deadline: rolling. Application Fee: $176.56 US. Eligibility Requirements: must be able to work independently in the studio. Fees: $715 US. Fee Includes: 24-hour shared studio access, room (shared bathroom), basic materials and tools, 1 bisque and glaze firing (13kW electric kiln). Stipend: no. Opportunities and responsibilities: Access to the conjoining flower shop, Japanese pottery town and sightseeing tours with guides (separate fees), basic Japanese language lessons, referrals to Japanese potters and related organizations.


Arquetopia Foundation and International Artists Residency
Duration: 6–12 weeks. Application Deadline: email for deadline. Eligibility requirements: Emerging to mid-career artists at least 22 years of age. Residency fees: $595 per week. Fee includes: Private lodging; meals; utilities; wi-fi; housekeeping; staff research assistance, project guidance, and critique; studio space; ceramics materials and supplies. Stipend: no. Opportunities and responsibilities: Actively engage in critical discussions and cultural exchange.


European Ceramic Work Center
As an artist-in-residence center, the EKWC annually welcomes about 45 artists, designers and architects to experiment with ceramics for a continuous or phased period of three months. The ECWK does not only offer studios, workplaces, the most advanced equipment and living space, but also the support of a team of specialists.


Cove Park
This residency will support an established designer/maker based in Scotland. Its aim is to provide the artist with the time and space to explore new ideas and ways of working within Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary program. Without the requirement of a final project or presentation, this residency is intended to promote the development of new ideas and work.

South Korea

Clayarch Gimhae Ceramic Museum
Ceramic Creative Center is a space where artists of different nationalities, working in various genres, can gather together, experience new ideas and techniques, and engage in creative and experimental artwork. The program helps to visualize a sustainable future and enact a creative revolution in the fields of architectural ceramics or ceramics.


Finca Luna
Finca Luna hosts one to three-month self-directed action-learning apprenticeships in La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) for ceramic artists; 300 euros per month all inclusive; apply anytime.


Through our Artist-in-Residence program, Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village are building a multinational network of associative participation. Two to three month residency in Taipei, Taiwan.

Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei
The Yingge Ceramics Museum was opened in 2000. Since then, the museum has dedicated itself to preserving the town’s cultural legacy while instilling new energy into the area. With such conviction, we decide to encourage ceramic artists, both local and foreign, to come experiencing the life in a pottery town through a one-to-three-month short-term residency program.