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Chapter 2 : Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is studio-based, hands-on learning that offers entry into a community of practice through the transmission of deep skills. It offers sustained firsthand participation in an artist’s life and work. It’s intensive hands-on immersion is unique among educational formats. For a young person, an apprenticeship inculcates professional practices and attitudes and maps a practical and attainable path to a career as a studio artist.
The project aims to define and disseminate effective and sustainable models of studio-based learning in ceramics. It features apprenticeships listed by state.

Adopt A Potter
Founded in 2009, the original idea for the Trust came from an experienced potter – Lisa Hammond – who has a tradition of taking apprentices at her studio in London. Some of these apprentices have become well recognized potters in their own right. It takes years to train a studio potter. Unfortunately, many art colleges are finding it difficult to offer throwing in any meaningful way, so it is more important than ever for a student wishing to make functional and studio pots to have the opportunity of an apprenticeship with an experienced professional potter. Adopt a Potter has a simple aim: to help in securing the future of studio potters.

Practical concerns

“Toward Humanism in Apprenticeships To a Would-be Apprentice” by John Glick From; Apprenticeship in Craft by Daniel Clark Books. 

“If it appears a workable apprenticeship is in the offering, there are then factual matters to settle.”

Studio Time. What is the ratio of time spent doing studio work to time available for your own pursuits? Would you trade time on an hour-for-hour basis? Could you survive emotionally with no time for your own work? Read more...

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Excerpts Concerning Apprenticeships

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