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Chapter 2 : Applying to Graduate School

There are many schools with good graduate programs in ceramics. The trick is finding the one that is right for you, and you for them. This page contains a long list of pertinent questions to consider about graduate school. You will also find links for information about specific schools, and personal reflections and tips from those who have applied and attended graduate school.

The Critical Questions

When is the right time to apply?
What is the right school for you?
What of the application?
What kind of program?
What of the facilities?
How is the student community?
What about money, honey?
What about location?
Who are the faculty and personnel?
What about your partner or family?
What if you are accepted/rejected?
Other suggestions?

For a specific list of schools, try these sources:

Graduate Programs in Studio Art & Design College Art Association website, for $26.00 you can purchase a directory.

328 Ceramic Colleges, Schools and Universities – Digital Fire Database

Graduate Programs in Ceramic Art on Ceramics Arts Daily.

Attend NCECA the year before you apply, many schools have booths at NCECA, as well as current graduate students and Alumni will have a lot to say about their experience. In addition, Ceramics monthly has been highlighting different graduate schools – this would be worth investigating.

Personal Experiences about applying to, and during graduate school:

Blog by Emily Nickel: Emily Nickel

“The final application has been completed! After two years of research, portfolio building, school visits, and letter writing, I’ve reached the other side of the river that is submitting graduate school applications…”

Applying to Gradate School: part one

Applying to Graduate School: part two

Essay by Seanna A. Higgins, January 2013

This time, last year, I was doing exactly what I’m doing now; preparing applications for graduate school. After several years away from academia, I had decided it was time to continue my education, and go for that notorious MFA. Read More...

Essay by Grace Sheese, February 2013

I had always wanted to go to grad school to earn my MFA in ceramics, but I was 34 years old and had been a full time studio potter for 5 years before I decided to do so. Now that I have completed my MFA, I think waiting was one of the best career decisions I have made.Read More...

Essay by Sean O’Connell, March 2013

Hindsight is 20/20 . . . and my perspective about graduate school has changed since I attended in 2007. Even so, now that I’m a few years out I’m still filling out applications, gathering materials, and trying to refine a packet that advertises my skills, but in this case its for employment. I have few regrets, but the ones I do have are significant and will continue to be factors in my pursuit of a career, but I’ll get to that in a minute.Read More...

Readings about Art as a life Career:

New York Times Article: Right Brain Thinking

University of Alberta: Creative License

National Public Radio: “Teachers Make” a difference

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A Diverse Palette – What Art Graduates Say About Their Educations and Careers

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