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Chapter 10 : Help For Emergencies

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

CERF provides immediate support to professional crafts-people suffering career-threatening emergencies, thereby helping them sustain their crafts making as a livelihood and, by doing so, enriching the cultural and economic vitality of communities in the United States.

Studio Protector – Artist Guide for Emergencies

The Studio Protector Online Guide is the source for emergency preparedness and recovery information for artists. Small measures taken in advance of an emergency, and the right sequence of emergency response actions, can make a huge difference in reducing loss and in the time it takes to rebound from a setback.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Established in 1969, New York City-based Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts works to help the arts community understand and deal with its legal problems. The VLANY Web site provides information on the group’s educational and advocacy work, as well as a schedule of upcoming seminars, news & events updates, and contact information for a legal advice hotline. Provides pro-bono assistance for individuals within the New York metropolitan area.

Professional Guidelines
Resources for Legal and Professional Advice

This website by Harriete Estel Berman is a collection “of information that list of the best books, audio and online resources currently available for artists and craft persons”. There is a excellent PDF attachment on this site to address legal advice, practical advice, law references and more.