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Chapter 4 : Teaching Information

 “The Washington post reported on the research by the United Nations has shown that the globe is spinning toward a dramatic teacher shortage, with analysts predicting a shortage of 69 million teachers by 2030”

There are many kinds of teaching jobs in our field: private lessons, art centers, grammar and middle schools, high schools, community college, four year college, as well as public and private schools. Some positions are more competitive than others. For most people applying for teaching positions, it can take several round of applications to be successful. For advice about applying to teaching jobs read Kathy King’s first hand account.

  • An important note: tenure track positions will always be posted, while sabbatical replacement, adjunct, and tech positions are more often filled via word-of-mouth.
  • In addition to teaching positions, you may also look for tech jobs, administrative positions at art centers, designing for alternative industries (product design), or work in the clay industry. Many more artist are designing for industry than in the past.

Resources for Teaching

“The men and women who teach our children fulfill the promise of a nation that’s always looking forward, that believes each generation has a responsibility to help the next in building this great country of ours and making the world a better place.” – Barack Obama