Table of Contents » Chapter 5 : Studio

Chapter 5 : Studio

Betty Woodman, Toshiko Takaezu, Viola Frey, Ruth Duckworth, Andrea Gill
Karen Karnes, Anne and David Shaner, Linda Sikora, Beth Caverner, Ayumi Horie

“When you picture an artist in her creative space, you will probably conjure up images of a frenzy of flying paint, malformed artworks and rejected ideas. More often than not, studios are thought to be a hive of activity so brimming with creativity that, were an average Joe to casually stroll in, all of the magic in the room might miraculously disappear — too bad for the inquisitive but uninspired!  While the idea of the studio as a sort of sacred space rings true, artists rarely follow a set of rules when designing their own creative hubs — what works for one person might not cut it for someone else. Finding the balance between perfection and frenetic mess, however, is a very tricky thing to master.” -Hannah LaMarque, Crixeo

“Go to the studio, where there is so much going on, get to the studio, get to work, and everything else in your life falls into place” -Betty Woodman

“Draw Antonio, Draw, Draw and do not waste time” – the last note that Michelango left for his assistant.