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Chapter 11: Resources: Service

Often in ceramics, some kind of community service is common. This can vary from bringing clay into a K-12 classroom or assisted living situation, to serving on a board of your local art center or national/international institution or volunteering at a museum or kids center. Look around in your community? What can you do to connect?

Pots on Wheels
The POW! truck allows established and emerging ceramic artists to share their knowledge and perspectives with audiences of all ages and backgrounds outside the conventional educational or studio settings.

Potters for peace
Potters for Peace is a US-based non-profit that works in two clay-related fields: working with subsistence potters in Central America and working throughout the world to assist with the establishment of factories that produce ceramic water filters.

NCECA is a membership organization that realizes its mission through a variety of programming and delivery strategies. These are realized by a very committed volunteer Board of Directors working along with a small staff.

Adopt a Potter
Adopt a Potter has a simple aim: to help in securing the future of studio potters through apprenticeships.

Michael Strand
Formatively a potter, Michael’s work has moved seamlessly into social practice while remaining dedicated to the traditional object as he investigates the potential for craft as a catalyst for social change.

A dynamic team of contemporary Los Angeles artists who have created software, publications, and services to help artists stay organized. We believe that creating artwork and refining business skills go hand-in-hand and we offer customized products and services to help artists become aware of business practices to improve productivity, increase sales, realize professional opportunities, and satisfy personal goals.