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Val Cushing Handouts

Val Cushing

Val Cushing! The father of glaze calc and sharing glaze information! The Val Cushing Clay book (bright orange cover) is a must! It is on sale at the Alfred Pharmacy 607.587.9222, 36 North Main Street, Alfred, NY 14802 and at Kinfolk Natural Grocery 607.587.8840 14W. University Street, Alfred NY 14602. Sometimes you can find the glazebook on Amazon – in variable condition and price however. 

The pdf’s below are handouts that Val gave his students, and I have gotten his permission to include them on this website. Val passed away on November 17th 2013, a great loss for all potters and the larger field of ceramics . He is dearly missed.

Val Cushing: A life of clay

Low Fire Clay, Glazes, & Slips

Low Fire Clay
Low Fire Mid Range Viterious Transluent Clays
Low Fire Slips Engobes
Low, Medium to High Fire Slips

Mid Range Clay, Glazes, & Slips

Mid Range Clay
Mid Range Glaze
Low Mid Range Slips

High Fire Clay, Glazes, & Slips

High Fire Glazes
High Fire Reduction Glazes
High Fire Oxidation Glazes
High Fire Clays
High Fire Slip
High Fire Reduction Glazes Shino

Special Extras

Bisque Fire Process
High Fire Process
Making Lids
Outdoor Clay
Slip Material Limits