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Chapter 10 : Resources : Ceramics

These website’s have very helpful and various resources. Ayumi Horie’s webpage has an inspiring list of resources and a comprehensive list of artist working with ceramics.

Artist Websites / Blogs

(that have a strong service component to them)

Ayumi Horie
Fantastic list of artists, organizations, blogs, schools, galleries, and videos.

Sally Brogden
Excellent list of resources for students including artists, technical information, galleries and suppliers.

Kristen Kieffer
An excellent web page with informative links, and an interesting blog.

Linda Arbuckle
An astounding amount of exceptional information about glazes, techniques and processes.

John Glick
This website is full useful information, very organized and thoughtful.

Louis Katz
Very informative page full of glaze information, videos, projects, writings and articles. Never a dull moment on this page.

Steven Colby BlogIts interesting to see Steven work change over time, and some great inclusion of historical pots, and music.

Connie Norman
This blog has some wonderful interviews, and is very approachable.

Brian Jones Blog
This blog has some wonderful recorded interviews, casual and interesting, easy to navigate.

Ben Carter
Ben Carter runs a rather delightful blog with interesting and thoughtful podcast interviews with Artist at: Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

Harriette Estel Berman
Harriette has an amazingly helpful website full of suggestions and guidelines for professional activities – see side bar to the right and left for specifics.

SS Robinson’s Ceramic Resource Site
Stephen (Stiffy) Robinson’s blog has many wonderful videos and links.

Organizations / Online resources with helpful website:

Ceramics Today

Many features of Ceramics Today [that] may be familiar to you – links, the gallery and the newsletter (now the ‘Update’). There are also many new features – the Pot of the Week, Website of the Week and the Odd Spot. Believe it or not, this time there are no ads and annoying pop-ups.

Critical Craft Forum

Critical Craft Forum (a facebook page) is a place for makers, curators, theorists, historians, collectors, writers, critics and more to explore and discuss research, exhibitions, ideas and publications that span the terrain of craft.

Society for Contemporary Craft
Presenting contemporary art in craft media by international, national and regional artists since 1971, the Society for Contemporary Craft offers cutting edge exhibitions focused on multicultural diversity and non-mainstream art, as well as a range of classes, community outreach programs and a fantastic retail store. The Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC) remains one of the nation’s only non-profit institutions focused on contemporary craft.

Digitalfire: Reference Database
This website has extensive information about clay and glaze chemicals, processes, glazing, firing, glaze leaching, well, just about everything.

Alfred Ceramics
The Alfred Ceramics website is full of excellent information, links and images of student work.

Art Stream Library
The Artstream Ceramic Library is a social-outreach project whose mission is to connect contemporary, functional ceramics with ordinary people. Similar in structure to a literature-based library, the Ceramic Library loans out unique handmade cups made by thirteen nationally-known potters for a period of seven days.

An evolving independent network of artist, including artist portfolios, employment and residencies
. A fantastic non profit rather “hip” website, great place to see work.

Resources and information from the National Council on the Education of Ceramics Art.

Access Ceramics
Wonderful web site of images of contemporary ceramics

La Meridiana
A wonderful and extensive collection of ceramic images.

World wide network of artist residencies.

Clay Art
An extensive web page of conversations and suggestions between ceramics folks.

Ceramics Now
Ceramics Now is a non-profit organization created by a team of artists and students in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It’s a GREAT website with information about artists, Interviews, Exhibition Reviews, Jobs, and Magazines.

Ceramic Arts Network
This is a website full of great information – links to Ceramics Monthly, the potter’s council, pottery making illustrated, a great book store, and education links, listing artist in residence, workshops, and colleges. It is comprehensive and excellent. It helps if you subscribe.

American Crafts Council
The American Craft Council (ACC) is a national, nonprofit educational organization with a mission to promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft, it celebrates the remarkable achievements of the many gifted artists today who are working with a variety of materials.

Montana Clay
This web site is a gathering of information about ceramics in Montana. It features active makers, artists, craftsmen, schools, art centers, and galleries that are invested in the preservation, promotion and advancement of the ceramic arts in Montana through shared resources, networking, open dialogue and advocacy.

Studio Potter
There are links to sample articles from Studio Potter – wonderful, intelligent provocative reading for a periodical that has all of our best interests at heart.

The Center for Craft
The mission of the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design is to advance the understanding of craft by encouraging and supporting research, scholarship, and professional development. The Center’s programs strive to support the best examples of research and practice in the field.

The International Academy of Ceramics
The IAC is a non-profit organization with its headquarters and secretariat located at the Ariana Museum in Geneva. Its purpose is to encourage co-operation among ceramicists throughout the world, and to facilitate communication between ceramicists and museum and gallery curators, collectors, writers, and appropriate associations and cultural institutions committed to the promotion of ceramics, particularly contemporary ceramic art and craft.

crafthaus is a membership based (fee based) and JURIED-IN online community which showcases personal opinions as well as publicly available content. Opinions expressed may occasionally be directly or indirectly slightly critical in content or tone, though the main intent of the site is to educate, inform, and connect artists in a positive and friendly manner, never to criticize or slander.

Adopt a Potter
Founded in 2009, the original idea for the Trust came from an experienced potter – Lisa Hammond – who has a tradition of taking apprentices at her studio in London. Some of these apprentices have become well recognized potters in their own right. It takes years to train a studio potter. Unfortunately, many art colleges are finding it difficult to offer throwing in any meaningful way, so it is more important than ever for a student wishing to make functional and studio pots to have the opportunity of an apprenticeship with an experienced professional potter. Adopt a Potter has a simple aim: to help in securing the future of studio potters.

Ceramics in the Expanded Field
Ceramics is broadening out its dialogues with other fields through experimental practice and developments in critical theory. The relationship between ceramic artists and museum collections forms a key part of this development. This 3-year project will produce the first critical overview of the relationship between contemporary ceramics and curatorial practice in museum culture through artistic collaboration with specific collections and the publication of critical writing. – Virtual Clay
NEW online courses from 92Y’s renowned Ceramics Center. Join artists, designers and art historians in real time as they help you grow your craft, inspire and excite! Enjoy in the comfort of your own home, classroom or studio! Individual courses are affordably priced at $25, or get an even better value and don’t miss a thing with a series package for $140.”

Ceramic Artists Now

“Ceramic Artists Now is an online contemporary ceramics magazine featuring the latest handmade pottery designs and international ceramic art. We comb the globe for remarkable modern pottery and feature stunning examples of ceramics to inspire you. Our goal is to foster a digital community of ceramic artists and enthusiasts who can help each other grow by learning from each other’s experiences.”

Rosenfield Collection

David and Louise Rosenfield have an extensive online ceramics collection. High quality digital image resource constantly being updated with new work and artists.


Mudshark Studios
Mudshark Studios LLC. is dedicated to the development and success of our client’s ideas. We strive to manufacture the highest quality product in a timely fashion. By informing our clients of the various processes used, we can assess and implement the most effective methods to fit their production needs. We take pride in working with a wide variety of artists ranging from newly established designers as well as accomplished producers and designers. Aid in Production, Portland, OR.

Shapways is the world’s leading 3D Printing. Ceramics is the first 3D printed food safe material available on Shapeways. The material is produced with fine ceramic powder, which is bound together with a binder, fired, and glaze with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. In addition to being food safe, the material is both recyclable and heat resistant. This material is perfect for cups, saucers, plates, and even statues and figurines. New York

Shilling Inc
Offers a wide range of enamels for both glass & ceramics. also specializes in special color matching. Available in powder or inquire about “premixing”. Greely, Colorado.
ResistanceWire.Com was created to provide an easy and affordable way for manufacturers, hobbyists and engineers to purchase resistance wire products in the form and package they need. We have hundreds of spools in stock and ready to ship in a variety of alloys, gages, and lengths. Fort Wayne, IN.

“Losantiville is a design collective, a place where a diverse group of people share space, tools, and a storefront showroom. As individuals we have different interests but we coalesce around commercializing unique and creative ideas in Cincinnati. Our work space allows us to share creative energy as well as collaborate on larger projects.”

Such + Such
“Such + Such approaches object making from a holistic perspective, internalising all phases of experimentation, development, and production. Paired with a commitment to digital manufacturing, this methodology allows us to produce highly refined and precisely crafted objects regardless of quantity.”

Archie Bray Foundation
The Archie Bray Foundation will print decals for a modest fee. Please contact via email or call for more information.

Little Chair Printing
Will print one color decal for an affordable price, please contact Hope Rovelto at

Books & Periodicals

Ceramics Books
A location to order ceramics books from, especially books that are out of print or hard to find.

Studio Potter
The best of the best. Centered in studio practice, Studio Potter promotes discussion of technology, criticism, aesthetics, and history within the ceramics community…”a magazine for the community of potters everywhere. It is written by potters and directed toward fellow-potters who earn their living by making pots…”.

The Potters Shop
The largest and most comprehensive selection of pottery books and films anywhere plus our hand-picked selection of potters tools. We have books and films in every category including out-of print, rare, and collectible titles.

Ceramics Monthly
A monthly publication contains much how to information, in addition to information about artist, schools, and pretty much everything – has a very large readership.

Clay Times
A monthly publication of ceramic art trends, tools and techniques

Critical Ceramics
An online collection of art critiques, reviews, interviews and articles. Critical Ceramics is now on virtual hibernation, yet still old post, very valuable.

Interpreting Ceramics Journal
An international refereed electronic journal of reviews and articles worldwide.

Ceramics Review
Potters, collectors, enthusiasts, students, teachers, critics, gallery owners, artists and designers all read Ceramic Review for its mix of practical and critical features on contemporary ceramic art and craft, around the world. Ceramic Review is published six times a year. Ceramic Review is part of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.

Ceramics Art and Perception
Established by Janet Mansfield in Australia, Ceramics: Art and Perception set the international standard for a high quality journal dedicated to ceramic art. It contains approximately 23–28 reviews, substantial articles and regular features on a broad range of ceramics related subjects. A companion journal, Ceramics TECHNICAL was launched. This publication is focused on technical issues in the field of ceramic art including research, culture and strategy.

Ceramics Today
Extensive resource on ceramics and pottery, including the web’s largest up-to-date links database, hundreds of articles on contemporary and historical ceramics.

Ceramics Arts Network is an online community serving active potters and ceramic artists worldwide, as well as those who are interested in finding out more about this craft.

Videos & lectures

Larry Shiner’s lecture on the dichotomy between craft and art.

Technical Support

HyperGlaze X(tm) is easy-to-use glaze software designed for artists who use ceramic materials, it can be used as a database to store clay and glaze recipes and to list raw materials and their analyses. It also has many powerful tools for glaze calculation.

Glaze Teach
Glaze Teach is a self-paced, instructional resource which aims to help you to come to grips with the basic principles of ceramic glaze technology.

Museums and Research Sites

(this is a very abbreviated list, note, Ayumi Horie‘s websites has an exceptionally strong list of museums and galleries, see under “links”)

Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Renwick Gallery
The museum’s collection of contemporary American craft, on display at the Renwick Gallery and in the Luce Center, is considered one of the finest in the United states. It includes a wide array of one-of-a-kind pieces created from clay, fiber, glass, metal, and wood.

American Museum of Ceramics Art
It is the mission of the American Museum of Ceramic Art to educate by presenting, collecting and preserving significant ceramic achievements of the world’s cultures from ancient times to the present and through aesthetic and technical study to develop a deeper understanding of cultural values and traditions.

Gardiner Museum
The Gardiner Museum is Canada’s national ceramics museum, and one of the world’s great specialty museums. It is a small, focused museum committed to making a contribution to ceramics. It strives to be an inviting destination that inspires and connects people, art and ideas through clay.

The Dinnerware Museum
The Dinnerware Museum celebrates a significant aspect of our daily lives. The permanent collection features international dinnerware from ancient to futuristic times; created from ceramic, glass, plastic, metal, lacquer, fiber, paper, wood and more. The Dinnerware Museum, through its collections, exhibitions and educational programming, provides a window on our material culture, norms and attitudes towards food and dining.

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art
The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art mission is to promote and preserve the unique legacy of Biloxi potter George E. Ohr and the diverse cultural heritage of the Mississippi Gulf Coast; and to exhibit works which exemplify the independent, innovative, and creative spirit of George Ohr.

Royal Ontario Museum
The Royal Ontario Museum is among the world’s leading museums of natural history, and of world cultures. It has exception examples of Asian Ceramics.

Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art
The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred houses nearly 8,000 ceramic and glass objects, ranging from small pottery shards recovered from ancient civilizations to contemporary sculpture and installation pieces to advanced ceramics reflecting the cutting edge of ceramic technology. The Museum is a teaching and research facility, one educational component of the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

This is an e-museum of ceramics – a lot of images to look at.

Victoria And Albert (V & A) Museum:
What is Craft
How historical pots were madeWhats in the V&AV & A Home page (great links all over)