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Introduction to the Field Guide

The “Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans” is a website of information and resources developed to help and support students when they are finishing school.

In 2006 I was teaching at the School for American Crafts at RIT, a graduating senior requested to speak with the juniors, to help them prepare for their final year. This peer to peer sharing of information was how the field guide booklet (now, website) began.

This is not a professional book (website). Please understand this is a casual collection of resources. If information is incorrect, bias or missing, my apologies. This site is a task of humble means and despite best efforts, information could be wrong or out of date. Please take responsibility for your own actions when using the information in the page.

If you have information that you think would be a good addition to this site, please email me at, and thank you. Also, if I have posted some of your information that you would like removed, please let me know.

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Potter, Professor
School of Art
College of Visual and Performing Arts
The University of Montana

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